Saturday, May 28, 2016

Birthdays yesterday...Marijane Meaker, Harlan Ellison, John Barth...and today

Marijane Meaker, aka Vin Packer, M.E. Kerr, Ann Aldrich, Mary James...89.


first edition, Fawcett Gold Medal

current edition, Stark House/BC
first novel, 1952

and the back cover...

Harlan Ellison, 82

John Barth, 86

Today's birthdays: May Swenson, Fred Chappell, Meg Wolitzer, Ian Fleming, Walker Percy.


Prashant C. Trikannad said...

Todd, I can't possibly be looking at all these covers soon after a buffet dinner, so to speak. I know I have read something by John Barth, probably in my late teens or early twenties when I was a member of the American Library at USIS. Saul Bellow and Gore Vidal were the other authors I discovered around the same time. Of course, I have no recollection and never read any of their books again. My loss.

Todd Mason said...

Well, Prashant, the work awaits you, when you're ready to find it again.

Barry Ergang said...

Having been a Lambert, Hendricks & Ross music fans for years, along with my share of having read the works of Harlan Ellison, Vin Packer, and John Barth, among many others, I invite others to read and savor future classics in these and other fields.

Todd Mason said...

Agreed! Hence, a Whole Lot of this blog.