Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday's Forgotten Books (and related literature): the links: 27 May 2016: new links

The weekly assembly of reviews and citations of books and related literature not yet or no longer given much attention, usually less than they deserve. Hosted again next week by founder Patti Abbott; this week and last hosted here. 

Sergio Angelini: Murder in Miniature by "Leo Bruce" (Rupert Croft-Cooke)

Frank Babics: The Night Sister by Jennifer McMahon

Mark Baker: Out of Circulation by Miranda James

Yvette Banek: Four Strange Women by E. R. Punshun

The Bare Bones Crew: 1965 in DC war comics

Les Blatt: Behind That Curtain by Earl Derr Biggers

Ben Boulden: The Wolf in the Clouds by Ron Faust

Brian Busby: He Will Return by Helen Dickson Reynolds [revisited]

Bill Crider:  The Carpetbaggers by Harold Robbins; PaperBack (a series of back-cover blurbs)

Scott A. Cupp: Iroshi by Carrie Osborne

Martin Edwards: A Quiet Place by Seicho Matsumoto (translated by Louise Heal Kawait); One Deadly Summer by "Sebastien Japrisot" (Jean-Baptiste Rossi) (translated by Alan Sheridan)

Barry Ergang: Mr. Monk Goes to the Firehouse by Lee Goldberg

Will Errickson: The Happy Man by Eric C. Higgs

Fred Fitch: Trust Me on This by Donald Westlake

Paul Fraser: Weird Tales, January 1940, edited by Farnsworth Wright

Barry Gardner: Faithfully Executed by Michael Bowen

Ed Gorman: The Plastic Nightmare by Richard Neely

John Grant: The Wench is Dead by Fredric Brown
cover painting by Wallace Wood

Rich Horton: Coronation Summer by Angela ThirkellScience Fiction Stories, January 1955, edited by Robert A. W. Lowndes

Jerry House: Jeff Jordan, U.S. Agent #1 (December 1947/January 1948); Tom Swift and His Giant Telescope by "Victor Appleton" (Thomas M. Mitchell, in this instance)

Tracy K: Sweet Silver Blues by Glen Cook

George Kelley:  Galaxy Art and Beyond by Wally Wood (edited and annotated by Roger Hill)

Margot Kinberg: Burial of the Dead by Michael Hogan

Rob Kitchin: Murder in the Marals by Cara Black

B. V. Lawson: Trouble with Product X (aka Beware of the Bouquet) by Joan Aiken

Steve Lewis: Beware the Young Stranger by "Ellery Queen" (Talmage Powell in this case)

Todd Mason: The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, August 1973, edited by Edward Ferman; Fantastic Stories, September 1973, edited by Ted White; The Haunt of Horror, August 1973, edited by Gerard Conway

John F. Norris: Said with Flowers by Anne Nash

Mathew Paust: Winning Texas by Nancy Stancill

J. Kingston Pierce: The "Rap" Party: 10 Years of "The Rap Sheet" celebrated at "Killer Covers"

James Reasoner: The Man I Killed by Shel Walker (Walt Sheldon); weekly pulps

Richard Robinson: The Leper of St. Giles by "Ellis Peters" (Edith Pargeter)

Gerard Saylor: A Mind to Murder by P. D. James; Deadly Honeymoon by Lawrence Block

Steve Scott: Deadly Welcome by John D. MacDonald

Dan Stumpf: Keep Running by Keith Vining

"TomCat": The Milliner's Hat Mystery by Basil Thomson

Prashant Trikannad: Presumption of Death by "Perri" (Mary and Pamela) O’Shaughnessy 


Sergio (Tipping My Fedora) said...

Some excellent stuff there - thanks Todd!

Todd Mason said...

Indeed. Thanks, and for your contribution...I'm impressed your writer apparently spent half his life writing autobiography (I hope I take a joke too literally).

Prashant C. Trikannad said...

Todd, thanks for putting up the links including mine. Some very good selections here and I'm reading something else altogether.

Todd Mason said...

Thank you, Prashant. So, what are you reading instead?