Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pennsylvania Leads the Way

With apologies to Bill Crider, the Commonwealth of Penn and Trees has been giving even Florida a run for the crazy-stakes of late, not least in official treatment of the Future, in the form of the younger generation. While the truism is that Penna is Kentucky bookended by Philly and Pittsburgh, the Philadephia 'burbs have been the latest to represent, with a lawsuit involving school administrators activating the webcams in the laptops assigned to students...for the purpose of spying on the kids in their homes (and, apparently, hoping to catch at least someone in the household in some degree of undress). This follows the recent kamikaze attack by Harrisburg, PA's own unfavored son on the Texas IRS offices, and various PA prosecutors leading the nation in the Mighty Battle to put away teens who are "sexting" (sending provocative phone-photos of themselves, usually) each other as child pornographers...yes...I'm wating for the first of these idiots to attempt to prosecute one of the kids as an adult for the crime of sending a swain a picture of her- or himself, which is a crime of course because she or he is a juvenile. And all this following last year's revelations of children being sentenced to private juvenile prisons, for posting critical comments on discussion boards and similar crimes against humanity, thanks to the fine jurists who were picking up a little cash on the side from those private prisons (a practice so ludicrously evil that when used as a story element in the fine CBS tv series The Good Wife, it was set up very gingerly so as to be believable).

It's quite a state we're in...and we really should be doing something about it.


Unknown said...

I'm pretty sure Texas is still in the lead.

Todd Mason said...

We're doing what we can, Texican...and these are only what's come to mind recently...did I mention Penna leads the nation in puppy mills?