Friday, July 8, 2011

FFB: the titles/reviewers links roundup

Yvette Banek: Detective by Parnell Hall
Joe Barone: The Smell of the Night by Andrea Camilleri (translated by Stephen Sartarelli)
Bill Crider: Unfaithful Servant by Timothy Harris
Scott Cupp: The Best of Randall Garrett edited by Robert Silverberg
Martin Edwards: Crossword Mystery by E.R.Punshon
Barry Ergang (at Kevin Tipple's blog): Catspaw Ordeal by Edward Ronns
Jerry House: The Room in the Dragon Volant by J. Sheridan Le Fanu
Randy Johnson: The Santa Dolores Stage by W. C. Tuttle
George Kelley: Wolf of the Steppes by Harold Lamb
Margot Kinberg: Speak For the Dead by Margaret Yorke
Rob Kitchin: Red Riding 1974 by David Peace
K. A. Laity: The Fallen by Dave Simpson
B.V. Lawson: Danger in D.C.: Cat Crimes in the Nation's Capital edited by Ed Gorman and M. H. Greenberg; Murder in Japan: Japanese Stories of Crime and Detection edited by M. H. Greenberg and John L. Apostolou
Evan Lewis: The Gracie Allen Murder Case by S.S. Van Dine
William F. Deeck at Steve Lewis's Mystery*File: Poor Prisoner’s Defense by Richard Sheldon
Todd Mason: "Turn Off the Sky" by Ray Nelson; "Deadly Beloved" by William Campbell Gault; "Four Deuces" by Stuart Dybek
John F. Norris: Wind, Sand and Stars by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (translated by Lewis Galantière)
Richard L. Pangburn: High Hunt by David Eddings; Death is a Lonely Business by Ray Bradbury
Eric Peterson: What of Terry Conniston? by Brian Garfield
David Rachels: Round Trip [a.k.a. Too Many Girls] by Don Tracy
James Reasoner: Slocum and the Invaders by "Jake Logan"
Gerard Saylor: Run, Boy, Run by Uri Orlev; Otto Dix edited by Otto Conzelman
Michael Slind: The Hot Rock by Donald Westlake
Kerrie Smith: Gallowglass by Barbara Vine (Ruth Rendell)


J F Norris said...

Very kind of you to use Cosgrove's evocative illustration for the FFB line-up, Todd. Thanks!

Todd Mason said...

Not at all. It's striking. Thanks for posting it so I could poach it.

neer said...

Hi Todd.

I just wanted to ask a few questions regarding FFB. Can the book, reviewd for FFB be submitted for other challenges as well? Also, is there a FFB badge that we can attach with the post?