Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Late Overlooked A/V entry: REFLECTION OF LOVE

Molly Brown's cheerfully goofy retelling of the Narcissus myth, in narrated slideshow format with the conceit that it's from a romance comic book (you might want to blow up the image from this embed by double clicking, and read the comic-bookish ads at the end...squelchy!)(Though, as too often for some of my friends' taste, I suspect the women in the production are better looking by most standards than the men...a slight flaw, perhaps, in a retelling of Narcissus and Echo's tale...).

As the notes note: "Winner of the Quickflick London Golden Quickie Award for best short film on the theme of: "Mirror," awarded by audience vote at the Quickflick London screening of 26 July, 2011. And also very silly. ;) Hope you enjoy it."

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