Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday Music Club: some more all-women rock bands

Girlschool: "Demolition Boys"

The Runaways: "Blackmail"

Go-Go's: "We're Here Now"

Tant Strul: "Hjärtan Slå"

(with thanks to Anders Engwall)

Bangles: "Outside Chance"

The Raincoats: "No One's Little Girl"

Kleenex: "Nice"

Klymaxx: "Meeting in the Ladies Room"

Salt'n'Pepa: "You Showed Me"

(it's a Byrds/Turtles cover, among other things)

Shonen Knife: "Sheena is a Punk Rocker"

Womyn of Destruction/Estrojet: "Booty" (another, better-recorded example of their work is heard in an episode of Homicide: Life in the Street, where Reed Diamond's character is hooking up with a member of the band, but I haven't isolated which episode it is again since seeing it years ago)

L7: "Pretend We're Dead"

And this link is to a nice live version, albeit it gets a little Not Safe for Work by the end.

Tribe 8: "Wrong Bathroom"

Autoclave: "I'll Take You Down"

Slant 6: "What Kind of Monster Are You?"

Spitboy: "Fences"

The Neptunas: "Chicken of the Sea"

The 5,6.7,8s: "I Walk Like Jayne Mansfield"

FLiP: "-ふつつか少女"

And this, for "Nagai Kiss," is still the best video I've seen for their music.

Pussy Riot: "Putin's Glamor"

The Roches: "Everyone is Good"

The first post in this this link.


K. A. Laity said...

Grand stuff!

Todd Mason said...

We aim to please, ma'am. Another yet might be forthcoming.

Anders Engwall said...

Thanks for acknowledgement. It should be pointed out that the Tant Strul track was recorded when they still had a bloke named Mikael playing drums. Not that it matters, it's still a fine track. The original 7 inch is a prized possession.

Todd Mason said...

Alack! That particular track had an XY drummer working on it? Ah, well...that's the reason The Breeders and Bikini Kill are missing from these so far...

Anders Engwall said...

Tant Strul had males in the lineup from time to time. Here goes.

1979-81: quintet including male drummer Mikael and Lykke Li's mum on vocals.
1981-82: same as above minus Lykke's mum
1982-83: Mikael replaced by female drummer Nike Markelius
1983-85: same as above plus Sebastian on cello/guitar

Note: Markelius' granddad was this guy: