Monday, December 24, 2012

Saturday Music Club on Monday: some soundtrack music

from Who Fears the Devil? (aka The Legend of Hillbilly John): 
"The Devil" by Hoyt Axton

from the television series Legacy (which used it as opening theme)
"The Mummer's Dance" by Loreena McKennitt (longer edit/"album cut" with best audio)

"Walk On Boy" (Doc Watson's recording is the soundtrack for the short film starting at 4:17)

The Dillards and Maggie Peterson: "There Is a Time" (from The Andy Griffith Show):

"Chove Chuva" performed by Miriam Makeba, Sivuca, Leopoldo Fleming, Jr. and William Salter...perhaps cheating a bit since this from a concert for Swedish television, but I think I'll forgive myself...

"Unsquare Dance" by the Brubeck Quartet featuring Joe Morello (used as the opening theme to Emma Thompson's series Thompson as well as providing the soundtrack to this number taken from an Australian concert program, The Craven Filter Special):

Charles Mingus in Mingus: Charles Mingus 1968 (a documentary)

please see also:
Sunday's "Forgotten" Soundtracks: 3rd Streamers John Lewis (ODDS AGAINST TOMORROW) and Dave Brubeck (MR. BROADWAY) for crime drama, David Amram's Beat

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