Sunday, June 2, 2013

Saturday Music Club on Sunday: some more folk rock

The Beefeaters (early recording, 1964, by the band who would almost immediately become the Byrds): "Don't Be Long" (slightly reworked as "It Won't Be Wrong" for the first Byrds album)

The Dillards: "Each Season Changes You"

Blackburn & Snow: "Yes Today"

Gene Clark and the Gosdin Brothers: "Tried So Hard" "I Found You" "If I Hang Around"

Joy of Cooking: "Beginning Tomorrow"

Joy of Cooking: "The War You Left"
Yazoo: "My Mama Told Me"
Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks: "Canned Music" "Philly Rag"

The Chambers Brothers: "The Weight"

Gaelic Storm: "The Devil Down Below"

Sarah Jarosz, Alison Krauss and Jerry Douglas: "Run Away"

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