Sunday, June 16, 2013

Italo Calvino: creating such possibilities, as a "minor writer"

Maria Popova, in her blog, quotes from Italo Calvino's collected letters in translation, in a post Bill Crider directs us to:

'As a young man my aspiration was to become a “minor writer.” (Because it was always those that are called “minor” that I liked most and to whom I felt closest.) But this was already a flawed criterion because it presupposes that “major” writers exist. Basically, I am convinced that not only are there no “major” or “minor” writers, but writers themselves do not exist — or at least they do not count for much. As far as I am concerned, you still try too hard to explain Calvino with Calvino, to chart a history, a continuity in Calvino, and maybe this Calvino does not have any continuity, he dies and is reborn every second. What counts is whether in the work that he is doing at a certain point there is something that can relate to the present or future work done by others, as can happen to anyone who works, just because of the fact that they are creating such possibilities.'


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George said...

I have a copy of Calvino's LETTERS around here somewhere. I need to search for it.