Monday, June 10, 2013

twittering about...

  1. No open background checks, but maybe Congress would approve SECRETLY monitoring people who buy assault weapons.
  2. A drone follows them about? A military/industrial complex win-win!

     birthday girl Gina Gershon, just because:

    (OK, fun fact: She's written two commercially-published books--a YA fantasy and a self-helpish memoir. She's 51.)
    The office kitchenette has a big new microwave oven, a Panasonic Inverter. The more literate homophobes are already giving it a wide berth.

    Remember: when you hear that arming Everyone won't stop our crazed sniper problem: Crossfire doesn't kill people, only Evil kills people...


neer said...

51? Incredible!

Hi Todd

Here's my entry for Tuesday's Overlooked A/V:

A look at Star Trek.


J F Norris said...

Todd -

Please include my video post on "The Mystery of You" for Tuesday's Overlooked Movies, Video, etc. The link is below.