Saturday, June 22, 2013

Saturday Music Club: some songs of protest

O Rappa: Vem Pra Rua

The Tell Me More report that introduced me to the song.

Rick Ross remixed slightly by Turkish protesters: Everyday I'm Çapuling!

The Weavers: Venga Jaleo

Notable in this slideshow: the number of UGT and anarchist (FAI and other) posters mixed in with International Brigade and other Soviet-dominated groups' images...when the Stalinists, rather quickly in the Loyalist fight, were doing everything they could to undermine when not destroy the efforts of the anarchists and Trotskyists (the UGT, the PSOE political party and some others, including the young Eric "George Orwell" Blair)...who were often left to do what they could, somewhat uncomfortably together, as the more centrist republicans and the Stalinists impeded them or gave up. The anarchists were stronger in numbers and more organized and established and often better off thus than the Trots, as Orwell and such later chroniclers as Noam Chomsky would note. Hemingway and other Stalinist tools were, of course, more vague about such matters.

Chumbawamba: That's How Grateful We Are (aka Hungary 1956)

Live version (1997)
English Rebel Songs: 1381-1913
"So Long (Bye Bye Mrs. Thatcher)" (live in 2009)

Dead Kennedys: Holiday in Cambodia

The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy: "California Uber Alles"

Miriam Makeba: Oxgam

...with lyrics in Xhosa and English
An Evening with Belafonte/Makeba

Giannis Aggelakas: Siga mi klapso

from the Greek lyric:
“They tell me if I leave the circle I’ll be lost,
and only within its bounds that I should wander,
and that the world is an untamed beast
and when it bites it would be wise to keep quiet.
They tell me I’m too small to change things…
No, I won’t cry, I won’t be afraid”

Pussy Riot: Putin Lights Up the Fires

Buffy Sainte-Marie and Johnny Cash: Custer He Don't Ride Very Good Anymore

Dixie Chicks: Not Ready to Make Nice

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