Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Saturday Music Club on Wednesday: some rarish tracks by the Zombies in the late 1960s...

I suspect this is a sort of electronic bootleg album, though it includes some tracks (by the post-breakup Zombies, temporarily back from the dead, as the band Argent was forming?) that I haven't heard elsewhere, including the cover of "Never My Love"...which turns out to have been a Colin Blunstone solo-career release, which makes sense. ("Unhappy Girl", "Telescope", "I Could Spend the Day", "I'll Keep Trying" and the "acid" remix of "Sometimes" are the other new ones for me...possibly this recording [demo?] of "Girl Help Me" as well.) 

00:00:00 Never My Love
00:02:39 I Know She Will
00:05:27 Smokey Day
00:07:52 Unhappy Girl
00:10:19 I'll Keep Trying
00:12:47 Conversation Off Floral Street
00:15:25 Walking in the Sun
00:18:10 If It Don't Work Out
00:20:42 Sometimes (Acid)
00:22:13 Telescope (Mr Galileo)
00:24:54 Girl Help Me
00:27:19 I Could Spend the Day
00:29:59 Imagine the Swan

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