Sunday, December 1, 2013

Saturday Music Club on Sunday: some bluegrass and related music (with a Beatles outbreak)

Alison Krauss & Union Station with Sierra Hull: "Cluck Old Hen"

Doc Watson and Richard Watson: "Milk Cow Blues"

Elizabeth Cotten: "Washington Blues" and "A Jig"
 (and just about to begin "Spanish Flang Dang")

Liko Martin, George Kahumoku Jr., Sterling Seaton, Peter deAquino & Garrett Probst: "Nanakuli Blues" (aka "Waimanalo Blues")

June Carter, Pete Seeger, Johnny Cash: "Blue Eyes"

Alison Krauss, Mark O'Connor and company: "I Will"

Kasey Lansdale and RAB4: "A Hard Day's Night"

Kami Thompson: "Don't Bother Me" (as she begins to play and sing at full voice a minute in, the sound quality is better)

The Swingle Singers: "Blackbird/I Will"

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