Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Tuesday's Overlooked Films and/or Other A/V: new links

This Property is Condemned
Below, the links to this week's reviews and citations As always, please let me know in comments when I've missed yours or someone else's...and, as always, thanks to all our contributors and to you readers...unsurprisingly, some thoughts about Robin Williams this week, and (more surprisingly) the second week running with an Another Dawn review.

And we'll also dedicate this week to the memory of Lauren Bacall.

Anne Billson: How to Spot a Goth Girl Heroine

I Married a Monster from Outer Space
Bill Crider: I Married a Monster from Outer Space  [trailer]

Brian Arnold: Robin Williams

BV Lawson: Media Murder

Comedy Film Nerds: I Am Road Comic, et al.
Phantom Lady

Curt Evans: Without Honor; Blackout

Doug Loves Movies: Kulap Vilaysack, Howard Kremer, Marc Maron and Kumail Nanjani with Doug Benson on Robin Williams (and not playing the Leonard Maltin Game, etc.)

Ed Lynskey: Farewell, My Lovely

Elizabeth Foxwell: Suspense (tv): "The Mallet"; Spycast

Evan Lewis: Philip Marlowe, Private Eye: "The King in Yellow"
Steve Allen's steady (and jealous) date

George Kelley: The Last Days on Mars; A Most Wanted Man

Iba Dawson: best current television

Ivan G. Shreve, Jr.: Between the Lines (1977 film)

Jackie Kashian: Andy Ashcraft and Ed Baraf on game creation

Jacqueline T. Lynch: I'll Never Forget You

Jake Hinkson: Phantom Lady

James Reasoner: This Property is Condemned

Jerry House: Robin Williams: Live on Broadway

John Grant: Emil und die Detektive (aka Emil and the Detectives) (1931); The Bushwhackers; romantic countdown

Jonathan Lewis: The Law and Jake Wade; Fog Over Frisco; Wichita; The Spoilers

Kate Laity: LonCon and ShamroKon

Kelly Robinson: A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court; The Monkey's Paw; The Great Gatsby (silent)

Kliph Nesteroff: Don Adams, Joey Bishop and the Steve Allen Scandal: Television Comedy in the Mid '60s

Laura: Torpedo Run; The Sniper; Robin Williams

Lucy Brown: The Stars Look Down

The Sniper
Marty McKee: Striking Distance

Michael Shonk: Columbo: "Undercover"
Don't Bother to Knock

Mystery Dave: Lizzie Borden Took an Ax

Patti Abbott: The Dark at the Top of the Stairs

Randy Johnson: The Immortal;  Little Rita of the West

Rick: The Hallmark Hall of Fame; The Pleasure of His Company

Wagon Tracks
Ron Scheer: Wagon Tracks

Sergio Angelini: Don't Bother to Knock; My Friend Maigret (on French television)

Stacia Jones: The Girl and Death; Another Dawn

Stephen Bowie: Jim Aubrey, the Smiling Cobra

Steve Lewis: Bad for Each Other

Walker Martin: Pulpfest 2014  
(Pulpfest proceedings recorded)

...And, from a 1986 American Playhouse (PBS)-sponsored adaptation of the Saul Bellow novella:
Seize the Day


Yvette said...

Nothing from me today, Todd. Apologies. I'm running in ultra slow speed today.

Todd Mason said...

I know the feeling. I'm not quite in slow motion, but things aren't quite getting done as I'd like. Thanks for letting me know, Yvette (and Prashant).

Kelly Robinson said...

Posted the last of the reprints on the film blog today, and it will be all new content from here on out! Since I'm focusing on lost films and silents, it should all qualify as overlooked.

Todd Mason said...

Thanks, Kelly! Sorry, I shoudl've left myself a note about your firing up Film Dirt.

Sergio (Tipping My Fedora) said...

Inevitably a somewhat melancholy and forlorn air when we think about disappearing movie stars this day - a really terrific variety of posts you have brought together Todd, thanks for the education!

Alice Chang said...

Too kind, Sergio...I simply point to the gems I see among those I've had reason to see (and try to keep up with!). Yours and all the rest here are providing the education!

Todd Mason said...

(Accidentally posting above under my housemate's login.)

Kelly Robinson said...

I wasn't trying to suggest that I should have had a mention this week. Just gearing up for the next one.

Todd Mason said...

Nonetheless, the current reprinted inhabitants of the new blog are right up our collective alley...

Kelly Robinson said...

Aww, well thanks.(By the way, I'm not stalking. I just keep the tab up while I slowly make my way through the links, just as with FFB.)

Todd Mason said...

And comments in a conversation doesn't quite match the idiots haranguing Robin Williams's daughter via Twitter...however, if you start demanding more pictures of my family and explications of their mental health, you might have something to that you go through them methodically.

Prashant C. Trikannad said...

Sergio makes a good point. It always surprises me when I see the Academy and the Golden Globe run a pictorial tribute to dozens of actors, filmmakers, and musicians who have passed on in a particular year. This year we already have Hoffman, Williams, and Bacall among the more notable entertainers. It's doubly sad when they die young.

Ron Scheer said...

Thanks for remembering Robin Williams' Seize the Day.

Todd Mason said...

It was a fine telefilm, I thought.