Thursday, April 30, 2015

Saturday Music Club on Thursday: some early music

Jordi Savall, Hespèrion XXI & La Capella Reial de Catalunya: "Dindiridin" (traditional)

Chartwell Dutiro: Mbira (traditional)

Min Xiao Fen: "Spring River, Flower Moon Night" (traditional)

Oxford Camerata: "Ave generosa" (Hildegard von Bingen)

Ensemble with Li Yi-Ming, guzheng-ist: "Meditating in the Buddhist Temple" (traditional)

Strath Haven HS (Penna) Silvertones (2009, in Florence): "Cucifixus" (Antonio Lotti)

***in better fidelity: The Cambridge Singers

Divna Ljubojevi et al.:"Aksion Estin"; "Kyrie Eleison" (traditional)

Nandini Rao Gujar and band: "Govinda ninna namave chenda" (Purandara Dasa)

Chumbawamba: "The Diggers' Song" (Gerrard Winstanley)


Anonymous said...

I immediately recognized "Dindiridin" as something I had heard somewhere, not sure if live or recorded, and enjoyed tremendouslywithout knowing what it was. Now I do. Thank you!

Where did you find out about these various pieces? Your listening? Friends? Just curious.

Todd Mason said...

Essentially from casual listening, and casting about for good examples of these kinds of things when I choose to pick out some appropriate examples for SMC entries...I asked a good friend whom I figured would have some useful suggestions from the Orthodox traditions (the Divna Ljubojevi). Thanks for the kind words.

Yes, if any anonymous composition approaches being a chestnut for early music choirs, I'd say "Dindiridin" qualifies!