Monday, June 15, 2015

More third stream music: Saturday Music Club on Monday

The Jazz and Classical Music Society: Music for Brass/
George Russell and Gunther Schuller: Modern Jazz Concert  (aka Brandeis Jazz Festival)

1. JOHN LEWIS - Three Little Feelings
1.1 - Of Hope
1.2 - From the Heart
1.3 - Majesty
2. J.J. JOHNSON - Poem for Brass
2.1 - Sonnet for Brass
2.2 - Ballad for Joe
2.3 - Meter and Metal 
2.4 - Finale
3. GEORGE RUSSELL - All About Rosie
4. CHARLES MINGUS - Revelations (First Movement)
5. JIMMY GIUFFRE - Suspensions
6. GUNTHER SCHULLER - Symphony for Brass and Percussion
6.1 - Andante - Allegro
6.2 - Lento
6.4 - Quasi Cadenza - Allegro
7. GUNTHER SCHULLER - Transformation
8. JIMMY GIUFFRE - Pharaoh
JazzTimes review of this reissue combo

George Russell and the Big Bang Band, 1967

Part 2

The Don Ellis Orchestra: "33 222 1 222"

The Dizzy Gillespie Orchestra: The New Continent

Charles Mingus Band: "Minor Intrusion"

Gil Mellé: Tome VI


Jim C. said...

A nice selection. The Don Ellis piece is really interesting. He seems to have beaten Anthony Braxton to the punch on numerical titles!

Todd Mason said...

His means of notating the grouping of the 19/4 time signature of the piece. Lacks the Prince Rogers Nelson-inspiring difficult-to-describe diagrams of Braxton at his most abstruse, and not quite as hard to announce.... Thanks, Jim, not least for reminding me of Ellis's early work.