Monday, June 15, 2015

Ornette Coleman, RIP

Ornette Coleman (March 9, 1930 – June 11, 2015)

Ornette Coleman: "Lonely Woman" (2006)

The Modern Jazz Quartet: "Lonely Woman"

John Lewis, Ornette Coleman, Jim Hall, Scot LaFaro: "Abstraction"

Ornette Coleman Quartet: "Abstraction"

Downbeat obituary
JazzTimes obituary and links
from Cadence: 1987 interview with Coleman (terrible background warning...highlight to read, I'd say).
previously on Sweet Freedom

Tempo International: "Ornette Coleman Trio" (1966)

1959: The Year That Changed Jazz (y'know, unlike every year, though it was an important one)

Ornette Coleman: The Shape of Jazz to Come

Ornette Coleman Double Quartet: Free Jazz

Ornette Coleman and the London Symphony Orchestra:  Skies of America

Ornette Coleman's Prime Time, with Jerry Garcia: "3 Wishes"


Jim C. said...

A nice array of Ornette and Ornette-related material. The MJQ version of Lonely Woman has always been a favorite of mine -- Chris Connor also did a vocal version, I believe. Given all of the hubbub when he first burst on to the scene about how weird his music was, it's interesting how relatively un-radical it sounds now. Like Bird and other revolutionaries, he's been assimilated to the point that his originality may no longer be obvious to a later generation.

Todd Mason said...

No successful revolution is ever "complete" and any advances do indeed become the defaults...shall have to look for that Connor. Thanks! (And, yes, Miles Davis and other clowns did their best to derail Coleman...and, happily, Coleman persevered, with no little support from John Lewis, even as Dave Brubeck would publicly admire Cecil Taylor...while the Truly Hip were busy preparing for fusion that was a dumbing down of the free jazz they denigrated. Another sure sign of Success, at least artistically.)