Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tuesday's Overlooked Films and/or Other A/V: the links to the reviews, profiles and interviews

Agent Carter
This week, we welcome back Scott Cupp, who has found a new forum for what we hope is a continuing series of reviews. The selections (reviews and citations at the links below) of undeservedly (and a few deservedly) under-appreciated audio/visual experiences...as always, thanks to all the contributors and you readers...

Anne Billson: How to Make a Bad Woody Allen Film

Anonymous: An Affair to Remember

Bill Crider:  Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow  [trailer]

Brian Arnold: 2014-15 US Television Season

Brian Greene: The Money Trap

BV Lawson: Media Murder

Colin: The Badlanders

Comedy Film NerdsGary Brightwell

Cynthia Fuchs: Court Frontline: "Escaping ISIS"

Dan Stumpf: High Lonesome

David Vineyard: The Green Man

Dean Treadway: Ponette

Elgin Bleecker: Too Late for Tears

Elizabeth Foxwell: The Unseen

Evan Lewis: Mysteries and Scandals: "Raymond Chandler"

You Never Can Tell
Gary Deane: The Scarlet Hour

George Kelley: You Never Can Tell; Romeo + Juliet

Iba Dawson: Star Wars and I

Ivan G. Dixon, Jr.: Boris Karloff

J. Kingston Pierce: James Garner

Jackie Kashian: Casa de mi Padre; Petey Gibson on Vaudeville, Burlesque and Circuses

Jacqueline T. Lynch: Deep Valley

Jake Hinkson: Robert Ryan

James Reasoner: Flaming Star

Jeff Flugel: Underrated Detectives

Jerry House: The Hall of Fantasy: "The Judge's House"; Interview with Harlan Ellison

John Grant: Heartaches; Isle of Missing Men

Jonathan Lewis; Sign of the Pagan

Kate Laity: The Bed-Sitting Room

Kliph Nesteroff: Dick Curtis

Kristina Dijan: The Case Against Brooklyn; 1947 Blogathon; Trail Street

Laura: Lucky Star; Calling Dr. Gillespie; The Clay Pigeon

Lucy Brown: Flower Drum Song
Flower Drum Song

Martin Edwards: Oldboy (US remake)

Marty McKee: The HunterOn Her Majesty's Secret Service

Mystery Dave: Outlaw's Son

Patrick Murtha: Counterspy (1958 television pilot)

Patti Abbott: Cash McCall

Pearce Duncan: The Hamiltons

Pop My CultureDan Van Kirk

Randy Johnson: Blood Calls to Blood

Rick: Ron Harper; Savage Season

Rod Lott: Roar; Zero In and Scream

Sam Juliano: Sounder

Scott Cupp: Invisible Invaders

Stacia Jones: Creep; Tangerine

Stephen Bowie: David E. Kelley

Steve Lewis: A Perfect Murder

Todd Mason: Readercon: Joanna Russ; Mildred Clingerman

Victoria Loomes: Lady from Shanghai

Yvette Banek: 7 Posters


George Kelley said...

Another great list of films and other A/V! Thanks, Todd!

Todd Mason said...

Thanks, George! And thanks for adding our stage example this week!

Jeff Flugel said...

Thanks as always for the link, Todd! Not sure why you're having trouble accessing content on my site - apologies! Things seem to be working fine on my end...which browser are you using, if you don't mind me asking?

Todd Mason said...

Safari, on my Apple laptop. Don't know why almost all, but definitely not all, the screens kept coming up blank.