Sunday, June 24, 2018

Saturday Music Club: mostly jazz, a lot of keyboards, some singing...

Teo Macero and the Prestige Jazz Quartet: "Just Spring"

Randy Weston: "African Village/Bedford Stuyvesant"

Blossom Dearie Trio and Quartet: "I Wish You Love"; "Bag's Groove" 

Aretha Franklin Band: "Won't Be Long"

Toshiko Akiyoshi: "The Village"

Toshiko Akiyoshi 2007 interview:

from the same interview: on being a Japanese jazz artist

Toshiko Akiyoshi Jazz Orchestra: "Drum Conference"

Thelonious Monk: "Don't Blame Me"

Lenny Bruce's tv series pilot The World of Lenny Bruce 


Rick Robinson said...

I’m never sure what to make of Blossom Dearie. Her voice isn’t quite one thing or another, if that makes any sense.

Todd Mason said...

Well, it's certainly distinctive, and while Nellie McKay (among today's active jazz singer/pianists) might be influenced most heavily by Doris Day, the legacy of Dearie is evident in her work as well...and not solely hers. Dave Frishberg is a similar talent, with the male version of a very similar voice. Both are still with us, and I'm glad...though I suspect it might've been one of Dearie's assistants/associates who "liked" my announcement "tweet" of this post on that medium. Dave Brubeck once put it in liner notes, perhaps similarly at a loss, "Blossom is Blossom."