Thursday, August 16, 2018

Aretha Franklin, Rest in Glory 1942-2018

From an ABC-TV News profile, 1968:

Take It Like You Give It  (Columbia Records 1967)

Performances on The Steve Allen Westinghouse Show, 1963-64

In concert, Amsterdam 1968

A clip survey, 1956-2017

In Detroit, performing for the visit of Nelson Mandela in 1990

A documentary broken into three parts.

Thanks for all the good work, Ms. Franklin.

Aretha Franklin on Sweet Freedom


Elgin Bleecker said...

Thanks Todd. Here’s “Freeway of Love” (Pink Cadillac). I challenge anyone not to move when this is playing:

George said...

I have a dozen or so Aretha Franklin CDs. Loved her music back in the Sixties when I was really into MOTOWN. I have a fondness for the two CDs Aretha did with Luther Vandross: GET IT RIGHT and JUMP TO IT.

Todd Mason said...

Though in some senses she was digging deeper than Motown tended Ray Charles, she was incorporating nearly everything she loved into her music, very much including the gospel feel that Motown tended to move away from most of the time.

I should listen more to her later work as well.