Friday, August 3, 2018

Friday's "Forgotten" Books and more: the links to the reviews: 3 August 2018

This week's books, unfairly (or sometimes fairly) neglected, or simply those the reviewers below think you might find of some interest (or, infrequently, you should be warned away from); certainly, most weeks we have a few not at all forgotten titles.  Founder Patti Abbott is taking a break from listmaking for a if I've missed yours or someone else's, please let me know in comments...

Frank Babics: Asylum by John Saul (The Blackstone Chronicles Pt. 6)

Yvette Banek: Captain Blood by Rafael Sabatini; Cat of Many Tails by "Ellery Queen" (Frederic Dannay and Manfred B. Lee)

Les Blatt: Envious Casca by Georgette Heyer

Elgin Bleecker: The Double Take by Roy Huggins

Brian Busby: The Shapes that Creep by Margerie Bonner

Martin Edwards: The Greek Coffin Mystery by "Ellery Queen" (Frederic Dannay and Manfred B. Lee)

Peter Enfantino and Jack Seabrook: EC Comics, June 1955

Barry Ergang (hosted by Kevin Tipple): A Hunger in the Soul by Mike Resnick

Will Errickson: She Wakes by "Jack Ketchum" (Dallas Mayr); In a Cold Blue Light by Marvin Kaye and Parke Godwin
Curtis Evans: Summer and Smoke: The Ordeal of Mrs. Snow and Other Stories by "Patrick Quentin" (Hugh Wheeler and Richard Webb, at this time)

Paul Fraser: Famous Fantastic Mysteries, August 1950, edited by Mary Gnaedinger

Barry Gardner: Menaced Assassin by Joe Gores

John Grant: A Trip to the Stars by Nicholas Christopher

Rich Horton: The Water Babies by Charles Kingsley

Jerry House: Sprague de Camp's New Anthology of Science Fiction Stories by L. Sprague de Camp; edited by H. J. Campbell

Jose Ignacio: "Death of a Nobody" by Georges Simenon (translated by Jean Stewart)

Kate Jackson: Death Knocks Three Times by "Anthony Gilbert" (Lucy Beatrice Malleson)

Nick Jones: Protector; A Gift from Earth and World of Ptaavs by Larry Niven

Tracy K: Night Rounds by Helene Tursten (translated by Laura A. Wideburg)

Colman Keane: Silent City by Alex Segura

George Kelley: The Best Science Fiction Stories and Novels: 1956, edited by T. E. Dikty and Earl Kemp

Joe Kenney: Coffy by Paul Fairman

Margot Kinberg: The Choirboys by Joseph Wambaugh

Rob Kitchin: A Little White Death by John Lawton

Kate Laity: The Comforters by Muriel Spark

B.V. Lawson: Anne Perry Presents Malice Domestic 6 (an anthology)

Evan Lewis: The Thursday Next Series of novels by Jasper Fforde

Steve Lewis: The Golden Creep by George Bagby; Pieces of Death by Jack Lynch

Todd Mason: Time Bomb and Other Stories of Mystery and Suspense edited by Peggy Doherty

Juri Nummelin: You Were Never Really Here by Jonathan Ames

John O'Neill: Fata Morgana by William Kotzwinkle

Matt Paust: Wolves Eat Dogs by Martin Cruz Smith

Mildred Perkins: My Best Friend's Exorcism by Grady Hendrix

J. Kingston Pierce: Dell Mapbacks

James Reasoner: The D.A. Goes to Trial by Erle Stanley Gardner

Richard Robinson: Hazzard by Frederick C. Davis

Gerard Saylor: Devil's Peak by Deon Meyer

Kerrie Smith: Kill Me Again by Rachel Abbott

Steven Silver: "When We Went to See the End of the World" by Robert Silverberg; "Ring Around the Redhead" by John D. MacDonald; "Observer" by Clifford Simak; "Richard Riddle, Boy Detective in the Case of the French Spy" by Kim Newman; "The Lady or the Tiger" by Jayge Carr

Dan Stumpf: Diamonds of Death by Borden Deal

"TomCat": Not Quite Dead Enough by Rex Stout

Danielle Torres: The Valley of Amazement by Amy Tan

David Vineyard: The Accused by "Hank Janson" (Stephen D. Frances)

I've always liked this painting.


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Thanks, Nick. If I don't stomp my computer into rubble in a minute (Blogger is NOT cooperating), I'll have you's vanished Yvette's new link twice already.

Elgin Bleecker said...

Hey Todd - Thanks for doing the FFB list today. I have a post for today, too.

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Thanks, Elgin!

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You probably want to fix the date in the header/title as you have it right now as APRIL 3rd. Not sure I want to go back in time.

Thanks, as always, for picking up what is on my blog. From what I read over at Patti's deal it sounds like you have next week for sure and probably the week afterwards too.

K. A. Laity said...

Did one this morning then saw Patti was taking a break. Here’s mine:

George said...

Todd, thanks again for filling in for Patti Abbott. She and Phil are dealing with a tough situation and your help is much appreciated.

Rick Robinson said...

I like that Niven cover, too. Is it tied to anything here?

Todd Mason said...

Rick--yes, Nick Jones's review of Niven novels.

Kevin--agreed. I think Spellchecker decided that my A-word was the wrong A-word (I might've typed a P rather than a U or G...). I suspect filling in will be about that long, indeed.

Kate--as noted, always ready for Muriel Spark.

George--thank you, and all of you. No thanks to Facebook, which voided my post there because the Nero Wolfe mapback cover Violated Community Standards.

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Double Bah.

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I'm certainly not in a mood to be gracious about it. But other irritants have arisen over the course of the day to help make that the case. A wasted half hour or so of info-distribution effort just piles on.

Todd Mason said...

It portrays the result of violence.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

They be idiots.

Gerard Saylor said...

Thanks for putting the list together.

Todd Mason said...

Thanks for contributing!

Paul Fraser said...

Thanks for the link, Todd. Wow! The Choirboys by Joseph Wambaugh--that's a rave from the grave!

Todd Mason said...

It is a bit of an odd feeling to realize a case can be made that influential bestsellers from one's tenth year of existence have grown obscure over the course of time...the lament of the solidly middle-aged.

Todd Mason said...

Kevin, belatedly: frequently, yes.

Jack Seabrook said...

Thanks for the link, Todd!

Todd Mason said...

Not at all, Jack...thank you.