Saturday, February 23, 2013

Saturday Music Club: some singing pianists

Hazel Scott: "A Foggy Day"/"Autumn Leaves"
The Hazel Scott Show was an early American television program broadcast on the now defunct DuMont Television Network. The series ran during the summer of 1950, and is most notable for being the first U.S. network television series to be hosted by a Black woman. Despite critical acclaim and decent Hooper Ratings, the series was cancelled after just a few months. On June 22, 1950, Scott's name had appeared in Red Channels, an anti-Communist publication which named supposed Communist sympathizers.  (from the current Wikipedia entry)

Carmen McCrae: "A Beautiful Friendship" (with Dizzy Gillespie)  

 Nina Simone: "Go Limp"

 Aretha Franklin: "Don't Play That Song"  

 Diana Krall: "Lost Mind"/"I've Got You"/"Peel Me a Grape"  

 Melody Gardot: "Your Heart is as Black as Night"  
 Nellie McKay: "Caribbean Song"/"Beneath the Underdog"/"Portal"

Judith Owen: "Trip and Tumble"

Vienna Teng: "Gravity"


Charlie Ricci said...

Being from the Philadelphia area I've seen Melody Gardot in concert 3 times. She & her band are outstanding. I understand she is a bigger star in Europe than she is here at home.

Todd Mason said...

If I realized you were a fellow Philadelphian, I'd forgotten that, Charlie. Her label has been pushing her pretty hard, and the European mass market is more friendly to diverse sounds if they seem Remotely Kewl.