Wednesday, February 27, 2013

a quick survey of fragrance reviews

My friend Laura, an aficionada of the Voluptuary Arts, is particularly fond of fragrance reviews, not least these from lucky scent:

The fun of fragrance reviews is that they sharply contrast for the same scent but are generally much briefer than movie or book reviews. I try to triangulate to imagine what could create such divergent views. An example of some from one fragrance:

<<<I love this fragrance, I put it on and immediately imagine myself as being rich and powerful....for me it is a an amazingly masculine fragrance thanks SL>>>

<<<This is almost a carbon copy of The Body Shop's White Musk, which costs a fraction of the price. A pleasant, light and clean musk.>>>

<<<If ever there were a scent that smelled like Bigfoot's penis, this would be IT.>>>
[TM here: I have no desire whatsoever to ever experience anything that would elicit this reaction from me...or, probably, from anyone else.]

Another fragrance:

<<<This is extraordinary. It's understated and exceptionally elegant. I've received more compliments on this perfume than any other.>>>


<<<Exotic dancer turned gold-digging wife of an oil baron shows up late and slightly drunk to a luncheon at the country club. This is the perfume she wears.>>>

 And another fragrance:
<<<I bought a small bottle (don't know if it's still offered) in December, have used half of it. I think it's my favorite daytime scent. Gasoline? Fart? It has a hard edge initially that I like very much. Something metallic. And then on me it dries down to the smell of old wood left to the elements.>>> 


Evan Lewis said...

Angela Sanders, who is in one of my mystery writing critique groups, writes this sort of thing for a blog called Now Smell This. I'm sure you'll want to check it out.

Todd Mason said...

Thanks! Laura is impressed by Angela Sanders's blog.

Jerry House said...

Re: Bigfoot's penis


Todd Mason said...

Or would be a Very Very bad name for a rock band. Hence the attraction. For a sweet dance orchestra, even worse. LAWRENCE WELK MEMORIES provided by Bigfoot's Penis, now on the Lido Deck.