Saturday, February 2, 2013

Saturday Music Club: some pop music over the last century

Ruth Etting: "Love Me or Leave Me"

The Mills Brothers: "Caravan"

The Glenn Miller Orchestra: "Blues in the Night"

Blossom Dearie: "Someone to Watch Over Me"

The Seekers: "I'll Never Find Another You"

A studio version which can't be "embedded" in the US

Joni Mitchell: "Help Me"

Bangles: "The Real World"

Sade: "No Ordinary Love"

The Go! Team: "Ladyflash"

Anthony Benedetto and Stefani Germanotta: "The Lady is a Tramp"


D Nelson said...

I love your eclectic musical taste!

Todd Mason said...

Thanks! If there's a theme to this blog, it shares it with any number of others: Hey, check this out!

Ron Scheer said...

Love the Tony B and Lady Gaga vid. Perfect duo for the two of them and great arrangement. Never heard it before. I need to get out more. . . Thanks!

Todd Mason said...

I was going to review the full Bennett DUETS 2 album, but haven't quite gotten around to it yet...and it was getting enough attention generally...but glad you liked it! (It's a good album. PBS got a pledge special out of it, too.)