Saturday, January 11, 2014

Saturday Music Club: some Continental '60s rock television and other contemporary ferment

The Kinks in France, 1965:

Beat Club (Germany): Pacific Gas & Electric, the Kinks, Chuck Berry (with a Very sober young woman giving background on Berry's career and importance), the Grateful Dead, the Doors (post-Morrison), and the Rolling Stones.

Pop Gear (released in the US as Go Go Mania as the slang didn't travel) with notable molester Jimmy Savile as host--happily, barely onscreen.

Os Mutantes on French TV (which typoes their name):  "Bat Macumba" & "Panis Et Circensis"

Fanny on French television--terrible recording of excellent performance of "Badge"; the beginning notes only of "Young and Dumb" (circa 1970).

"Bitter Wine"

...and their first album which features it and the studio cover of "Badge", Fanny and their second, Charity Ball.

Better performance video of Fanny, among others.

The Yardbirds Story

The Ace of Cups: "Simplicity"

The Ace of Cups: "Circles"

The Ace of Cups in 1967 and in 2017
The Ace of Cups: "Afro-Blue"
Abbey Lincoln: "Afro-Blue"

The Luv'd Ones: I'm Leaving You


The Liverbirds: "He's About a Mover" 
(Liverpudlian band, named for local bird species: "Laiv-er-birds")

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Todd Mason said...

It should be noted that Dangerous Minds pointed its followers to the Kinks concert/tv show.