Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tuesday's Overlooked Films and/or Other A/V: the links

The Tenth Victim
Here are this week's set of links to reviews and citations. Thanks, as always, folks...and please let me know if I've missed your or someone else's Overlooked post in comments. The enigmatic doubletap this week goes to Russ Meyer's version of Fanny Hill, of all things, and perhaps not altogether unrelated is that this might be the heaviest set of negative reviews we've had so far, at least in terms of ratio to the positive. I think I might have to start jumping in and adding some reviews by me of the worthwhile.

Bill Crider: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother [trailer]

Brian Arnold: Early Edition;  Hot Wheels; Super President; Mr. Peabody and Sherman

Brian Busby: Intent to Kill

David Vineyard: Max Reacher

BV Lawson: Media Murder 

Cat People
Ed Gorman (and Mark Evanier): The Tonight Show follies

Ed Lynskey: The Hatchet Man

Elizabeth Foxwell: Suspense: "Woman in Love" (1952 television; story by Geoffrey Household, featuring Paul Newman)

Evan Lewis: Man of Steel

George Kelley: Cat People (1982 film) blu-ray release

Heather Drain: Fanny Hill (1964 film)

Ain't Them Bodies Saints
How Did This Get Made?: Mortal Kombat (the Ascetic Shopper touches on MK...)

Iba Dawson: 2013 in Review

Ivan G. Shreve, Jr.: Isis

Jackie Kashian: Judah Friedlander on Ping Pong; Kevin Seccia on boxing and MMA

Jake Hinkson: Too Late for Tears

James Reasoner: Ain't Them Bodies Saints

Jerry House: Rainbow Quest and other video from Pete Seeger, RIP

***PBS will be feeding a repeat of the American Masters episode "Pete Seeger: The Power of Song" on Saturday, for stations to schedule at convenience. Faithful affiliates to the HD feeds will have it at 8p ET/PT.

John Charles: The Weird Ones

Kate Laity: Only Lovers Left Alive

Kliph Nesteroff: Insight: "Exit" (with Albert Einstein/Brooks); Life Begins in College

Laura: One Mysterious Night; Allotment Wives; The World Was His Jury

Lucy Brown: Carnival Boat

Martin Edwards: From Hell (2001 film adaptation)

Blood Simple
Marty McKee: Tales of the Third Dimension; The Woman Hunt 

Mystery Dave: Mr. Bean's Holiday

Patti Abbott: Blood Simple; Get Shorty

Rick: 5 Card Stud; Rehearsal for Murder; Catherine Mary Stuart

Rod Lott: It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World; Lady Cocoa; Fanny Hill (1964 film)

Ron Scheer: Hombre

Scott Cupp: Drew: The Man Behind the Posters

Sergio Angelini: The Tenth Victim (1966 film); X Minus 1: "The Seventh Victim"

Stacia Jones: The Truth About Emanuel

Stephen Bowie: Ralph Woolsey, ASC

Steve Lewis: The Parson and the Outlaw; The Big Heat

Zybahn/Frank: The 4400: "The Home Front"


Brian Busby said...

I know it doesn't happen often, Todd, but I've got one for you this week:

Intent to Kill

… based on the (hidden) Brian Moore novel of the same name.

Todd Mason said...

Thanks, Brian! More frequently will be welcome, too.

George said...

Thanks again for hosting this online film fest, Todd! And I like that photo you included of CAT PEOPLE! Nice!

Yvette said...

Nothing from me today, Todd. Apologies. This week is just running away from me.

Scott Cupp said...

Hey Todd, mine is up at the usual place.

Todd Mason said...

And now linked...thanks, Scott.

Glad you like it, George...I do seek out some interesting stills.

Yvette, I can sympathize. No apologies necessary!