Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tuesday's Overlooked Films and/or Other A/V: the links

Prizzi's Honor
Here are this week's set of links to reviews and citations. Thanks, as always, folks...and please let me know if I've missed your or someone else's Overlooked post in comments. The snow keeps coming, but happily so do the reviews and citations:

Bill Crider: Prizzi's Honor  [non-spoiling trailer]

Brian Arnold: Hot WheelsSuper President; Mr. Peabody and Sherman

BV Lawson: Media Murder

Dan Stumpf: The Lady from Shanghai

Vickers in The Big Sleep
David Vineyard: Love Crime (aka Crime d'amour)

Ed Gorman/Jake Hinkson: Martha Vickers

Ed Lynskey: Johnny Angel

Elizabeth Foxwell: The Warner Archive Podcast; Open Book: "Jill Paton Walsh on Lord Peter Wimsey"

Iba Dawson: Sundance 2014

Bend of the River
Ivan G. Shreve, Jr.: Pioneers of Television: "Crime Drama"

Jackie Kashian: Josh Gondelman on the Coen Brothers

James Reasoner: Bend of the River

Jerry House: Jesse James' Women

John Charles: Nightmare City

Sweet Love, Bitter
Juri Nummelin: European and particularly Finnish film noir

Kate Laity: (National Theatre) NT Live: Coriolanus; Only Lovers Left Alive

Kliph Nesteroff: Sweet Love, Bitter

Laura: Dr. Broadway

Lucy Brown: Stage Struck

Martin Edwards: The History Boys

Conquest of Space
Marty McKee: Flight to Mars; Conquest of Space

Mystery Dave: Disney's Tower of Terror

Patti Abbott: Sabotage

Prashant Trikannad: Flight

Rick: Seven Things to Know About The Fugitive

Rod Lott: Mother of Tears; [Marihuana:] Assassin of Youth
The Good Wife

Sergio Angelini: The Sicilian Clan

Stacia Jones: Band of Sisters

Stephen Bowie: Gordon Hessler

Yvette Banek: The Good Wife; Battlestar Galactica (the original series)

Zybahn/Frank: The 4400: "Blink"


Prashant C. Trikannad said...

Hi Todd, I got a review this week, FLIGHT (2012). Many thanks.

Todd Mason said...

Thanks, Prashant! Welcome back.

Yvette said...

Todd, I have a post for today on Battlestar Gallactica. Sorry for the mix-up.

Todd Mason said...

No mix-up, though I suppose I'm cheating in adding something as non-overlooked as THE GOOD WIFE. And here I thought my sister-in-law was the only person who cares much about the original BG...