Sunday, November 15, 2015

reBeatling: Saturday Music Club

More covers.

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An RAI (Italian television) documentary segment on Apple Corp. from 1968

Miriam Makeba: "In My Life"

The Pretenders: "In My Life"

The B-52s: "Paperback Writer" (courtesy Eric Gary Anderson)

Blues Beatles: "Ticket to Ride"


The Paragons and Rosalyn Sweat: "Blackbird"

Alison Kraus: "I Will"

Roseanne Cash "I Don't Want to Spoil the Party"

Johnny Cash: "In My Life"

Brasil '66: "Day Tripper"

Wes Montgomery: "A Day in the Life"
Enoch Light and the Light Brigade: "Eight Days a Week"

The Mamas and the Papas: "I Call Your Name"

The Beach Boys (& Co.): "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away"

The Who: "I Saw Her Standing There"

Pat Benatar: "Helter Skelter"

Jackie Lomax, Eric Clapton, Nicky Hopkins, Billy Preston, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney: "Sour Milk Sea"

Dirty Mac: John Lennon, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, Mitch Mitchell (introduced by Mick Jagger): "Yer Blues"


Silver Screenings said...

Thanks for posting these. I'm not the world's greatest Beetles fan, but I do like covers that others have done. I'll be playing these while catching up on my blog reading. :)

Todd Mason said...

You're quite welcome, and thanks for looking in and commenting! I certainly enjoy stopping in at your blog, as well. The Beatles are still among my favorite bands, but a good cover is a thing of beauty, particularly to someone like myself, whose musical appreciation was shaped by jazz more than any other sort of music (and bluegrass, that other most improvisational of US musical forms, secondarily, along with several others...).

Anonymous said...

It's particularly fitting that this line-up included that clip of "Yer Blues" because Mitch Mitchell, the drummer from the Jimi Hendryx Experience, died just today in Portland. Natural causes, the report said.

Curt Phillips

Anonymous said...

My mistake. After doing a little research I see that Mitch Mitchell actually died on Nov. 12 2008. I'd seen a mention of his death on Facebook today and leapt to a wrong conclusion. Sorry...

Curt Phillips

Paul D Brazill said...

I'll check these out. I'm particularly interested in the version of In My Life. I also like lots of Beatles covers over the originals and there's some interesting looking stuff there.

Todd Mason said...

The Makeba version, Paul? Pretty solid, if more pleasant than superb. I love her careful enunciation of some of the lyrics. But I'm a Makeba fan from way back in my life.

Curt...thanks. FB can be odd like that. MM did outlast the rest of the original JHE trio...a real pity recreational chemicals killed all three sooner than they should've died. Not the experience we were looking for.

Rick Robinson said...

IMO, most of these are pretty weak, but then that's the risk of doing a cover. I bought that Jackie Lomax album when it came out, liked and played it a lot, and produced by Beatles it has good sound and back-up. I downloaded it recently and have listened a couple of times. The audio on your clip sounds a little better then what I have.

Thanks Todd.

Todd Mason said...

You're quite welcome, Richard...I have to wonder if you'd like the first set ("Some Beatling") better...I do, a bit, but I also like these, even if the B-52s didn't quite do enough to make that song their own.