Saturday, June 25, 2016

Friday's Forgotten Books: the links to the reviews and more: more new links added

The weekly assembly of reviews and citations of books and related literature not yet or no longer given much attention, or at least usually less than they deserve. Hosted usually by founder Patti Abbott; this week and next hosted here. 

Patricia Abbott: Step Gently Out by Helen Frost and Rick Lieder

Sergio Angelini:  He Won't Need It Now and The Dead Stay Dumb by James Hadley Chase; The Madman's Room by Paul Halter

Mark Baker: Murder on Astor Place by Victoria Thompson

Yvette Banek: The House of the Four Winds by John Buchan

Les Blatt: Silence in Court by Patricia Wentworth

Brian Busby: Return to Rainbow Country by William Davidson

Bill Crider: She Got What She Wanted by Orrie Hitt

Scott A. Cupp: The Lost Continent (aka Beyond 30) by Edgar Rice Burroughs

William F. Deeck: Too Many Doctors by Holly Roth

Martin Edwards: Vintage Murder by Ngaio Marsh; Robert Barnard reissues; Murder Intended by Francis Beeding; The Link by Anthony Gethryn

Barry Ergang (hosted by Kevin Tipple): The Twisted Ones by "Vin Packer" (Marijane Meaker)

Will Errickson: Ammie, Come Home by "Barbara Michaels" (Barbara Mertz)

Curt Evans: Death Brings a Storke and Cradled in Fear by Anita Boutell; Murder in the Closet and other guides to LGBTQ+ crime fiction

Fred Fitch: The Grifters by Jim Thompson

Paul Fraser: Science Fantasy (#69, January-February 1965) edited by Kyril Bonfiglioli (with Keith Roberts)

Ed Gorman: Zigzag by Bill Pronzini

John Grant: Before the Poison by Peter Robinson

Rich Horton: The City of Lilies by Anthony Pryde and R. K. Weekes

Jerry House: Isaac Asimov Presents: The Best Science Fiction of the 19th Century edited by Isaac Asimov, Martin Harry Greenberg and Charles G. Waugh

Tracy K.: The Seven Dials Mystery by Agatha Christie

George Kelley: The Dying Earth by Jack Vance; Our Kind of Traitor by "John le Carré"

Margot Kinberg: Bad Country by C. B. McKenzie

Rob Kitchin: The Man from Beijing by Hanning Mankell

Richard Krauss: (Bestseller Mystery #40:) $106,000 Blood Money by Dashiell Hammett

B. V. Lawson: The Singing Spider by Angus MacVicar

Evan Lewis: The Earp Curse by Glenn G. Boyer

Jonathan Lewis: "The New Catacomb" by Arthur Conan Doyle; "Three Steps Back" by Robert Weinberg

Steve Lewis: Murder is My Business by "Brett Halliday"

Todd Mason: Seon Manley and Gogo Lewis, Helen Hoke, Hugh Lamb, Michael Parry, and other anthology editors of the '60s and '70s

John F. Norris: Death and the Professors by Kathleen Sproul; Here's Blood in Your Eye by Manning Long

John O'Neill: Lincoln's Dreams by Connie Willis

Mildred Perkins: Rise Again by Ben Tripp

James Reasoner: Pistol Passport by Eugene Cunningham

Richard Robinson: Brave New Words: The Oxford Dictionary of Science Fiction edited by Jeff Prucher 

Gerard Saylor: The Driftless Area by Tom Drury; A Sleeping Life by Ruth Rendell

Steve Scott: "Game for Blondes" by John D. MacDonald

Jack Seabrook: "Mrs. Herman and Mrs. Kenmore" by Donald Honig

Kerrie Smith: Treachery in Bordeaux by Jean-Pierre Alaux and Noel Balen

Prashant Trikannad: Killing Floor by Lee Child

David Vineyard: The Man from the Norlands by John Buchan


Sergio (Tipping My Fedora) said...

Thanks matey, very good of you to hosts us (again) - :)

Mark Baker said...

I've got one this week: Murder on Astor Place by Victoria Thompson

Mark Baker said...

It might help if I gave you the link.

Todd Mason said...

Not at all, Sergio, and thank you. And at least you're rid of Cameron, though I fear you might be "gaining" Johnson.

Thanks, Mark! Addresses always useful, though I suspect I would've found it.

Brian Busby said...

Here's mine, Todd:

Return to Rainbow Country by William Davidson, a novel in which Lois Maxwell is cast as someone's willowy-figured mother.


Todd Mason said...

Ha! Thanks. Among other things, I had't realized PaperJacks existed in Canda before its brief, doomed run in the US...most importantly, by me, with its run of Bill Pronzini paperbacks.

Jack Seabrook said...

Thanks, Todd!

Todd Mason said...

Not at all, Jack...thank you.