Thursday, June 30, 2016

June's Underappreciated Music: the links to reviews, samples and more

The monthly assembly of undervalued and often nearly "lost" music, or simply music the blogger in question wants to remind you reader/listeners of...

Patricia Abbott: Music

Sergio Angelini: Bernard Herrmann film scores

Brian Arnold: The Shark Alley Hobos: Off the Deep End: A Musical Tribute to Jaws

Jayme Lynn Blaschke: Friday Night Videos

Paul Brazill: A Song for Saturday

Jim Cameron: Charles Sullivan: Re-Entry; Ray Charles at Newport, 1960

Gil Scott-Heron Band, Ohne Filter (March, 1984)

Sean Coleman: a half-century of Dylan

Bill Crider: Song of the Day; Forgotten Hits; Obits and more

Jeff Gemmill: Today’s Top 5: Saturday, 6/25/2016

Cara Giaimo: Ma Rainey (courtesy Bill Crider)

Jerry House: Music from the Past; Hymn Time; The Brothers Four

"Three Days with Doc Watson" (1976; presented on BBC's Omibus)

George Kelley: The Songs of Pomus & Schuman; Van Morrison: ...It's Too Late to Stop Now... (Volume 1)

Margot Kinberg: Murder songs

Kate Laity: Songs for a Saturday

B. V. Lawson: Your Sunday Music Treat

Steve Lewis: Music I'm Listening To

Todd Mason: some singers, mostly doing covers; Abbey Lincoln and Annie Ross; Rob Wasserman. RIP

Lucy Wainwright Roche and the Roches: "America"

Andrew Orley: Nobody's Listening (courtesy Paul Brazill)

Lawrence Person: Shoegazer Sunday

James Reasoner: Middle of the Night Music

Charlie Ricci: The Kinks: "Celluloid Heroes"

Bhob Stewart: Jeremiah McDonald

Anonymous-4: The Lily and the Lamb

Paul O'Dette: The Lute in the Italian Renaissance


Sergio (Tipping My Fedora) said...

Thanks for including me in such great company Todd.

Todd Mason said...

I'm always honored to gather together such diverse contributions...sometimes even more diverse than this month's! Thanks for joining us.

Todd Mason said...

FaceBook comments:

Jeff Gemmill: The Rylie Bourne album is my favorite discovery of the year.

Jayme Lynn Blaschke: Wish they'd rerelease the Great Lost Kinks Album. It'd be nice to have a properly mastered digital version of all those songs in one place.