Friday, October 29, 2010

FFBonus: Citation of the reissue of 4 Thomas Disch novels

I come to this late, but in August, University of Minnesota Press reprinted four of the late Thomas Disch's straightforward horror novels, and you can do worse than any of them...or any of the other books Disch wrote.

And a reminder of why I want a complete file of Cele Goldsmith/Lalli's Fantastic:

CONTENTS for Fantastic Jan 1964 Vol 13 No 1

5 • Editorial (Fantastic, January 1964) • essay by uncredited (Noman Lobsenz, usually, the editorial director)

6 • The Lords of Quarmall (Part 1 of 2) • [Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser] • serial by Fritz Leiber and Harry Fischer

52 • Minnesota Gothic • short story by Thomas M. Disch [as by Dobbin Thorpe]

66 • The Word of Unbinding • [Earthsea Cycle] • short story by Ursula K. Le Guin

74 • Last Order • novelette by George Locke [as by Gordon Walters]

114 • A Thesis on Social Forms and Social Controls in the U.S.A. • short story by Thomas M. Disch

27 • Fantasy Books (Fantastic, January 1964)  • essay by S. E. Cotts:
127 •   Review: The Sundial by Shirley Jackson • book review by S. E. Cotts
128 •   Review: Stranger Than Life by R. DeWitt Miller • book review by S. E. Cotts

The "Emsh" cover illustrating Fritz Leiber and Harry Fischer's
The Lords of Quarmall part 1 of 2 (not, on balance, one of Emshwiller's best)

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