Monday, November 21, 2011

nostalgia: reproductions I had on my bedroom wall as a youth

The first three from items purchased at the Hirshorn in a series of visits there in 1978.


Deb said...

What--no Maxfield Parrish posters? Well, obviously you weren't an adolescent girl in the 1970s.

Time Transfixed (the train coming out of the fireplace) is still one of my favorite paintings.

Todd Mason said...

Actually, if I could've gotten a copy (without serious effort or expense...people were charging a Lot for my adolescent budget for posters), I definitely would've opted for a copy of Parrish's "Daybreak"...when I was eleven, that looked to me as sexy as hell. (Even if the wrong figure was definitely gathered it had been a busy night.)

It is one of Magritte's most elegant, isn't it?

K. A. Laity said...

Magritte FTW!

Todd Mason said...

But, man, could Stuart Davis wail!