Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hannes Bok cover art

Apologies to IE users on this huge gap, but Mozilla Firefox doesn't always work or play well with imagery in Blogger.

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mybillcrider said...

I own most of those magazines. I really like Bok's work.

Todd Mason said...

His illustrations are easy to like, and pretty clearly influenced Damon Knight's work as an illustrator (notably for the first WEIRD TALES appearance of "Herbert West, Reanimator"), among that of others.

Have read only one of Bok's short stories so far.

Scott Cupp said...

The F&SF cover for Zelazny's "A Rose For Ecclesiastes" is one of my favorite pieces of art.

Todd Mason said...

I believe it was his last cover painting, as well. Going out on top, if one has to go, has a certain appeal.

Walker Martin said...

Centipede Press is planning one of their enormous volumes on Hannes Bok which will reprint much of his art and also cover his biography.

They recently released a big book on Lee Brown Coye. Though these books are not inexpensive, they are valuable additions to our understanding of the WEIRD TALES circle.

Todd Mason said...

Indeed, Centipede is the least inexpensive prolific publisher, but they do (damn it) choose interesting projects. At least Luis Ortiz at NonStop did a good, reasonably-priced Coye book, ARTS UNKNOWN.