Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday Music Club: Angelique Kidjo (w/Alicia Keys), Bangles, Blonde Redhead, 8.5 Souvenirs, The Ex, Jane Wiedlin & Billy Zoom, Jasmin Tabatabai/DKQ

Angelique Kidjo: Batonga

Jasmin Tabatabai with the David Klein Quartet: After You Killed Me (live)

Angélique Kidjo & Alicia Keys: Djin Djin

Bangles: Between the Two (live)

Jane Wiedlin (with Billy Zoom): Where We Can Go

Dutch punk pioneers The Ex (covering Chumbawamba for their second number, "Heaven/Hell"...middle-aged anarchist punks in Moscow, last year...what could go wrong?):

Blonde Redhead: Doctor Strangeluv (live)

8 1/2 Souvenirs: Minor Swing

Jasmin Tabatabai with the David Klein Quartet: Eine Frau

Angelique Kidjo: Summertime


pattinase (abbott) said...

I didn't expect to be here half an hour. Wow. Love the Djin Djin-although the pictures of Haiti are hearbreaking.
A great assortment-you can have your boy bands, I'll take these women.

Todd Mason said...

Kate Laity has chastised me for putting together such stacks, but I fear it's the old weekly dj in me (this blog is named after the show, and the show was named for the Freedom Suite by Sonny Rollins and Freedom Now Suite by Max Roach and Oscar Brown, Jr....I was unaware of Michael McDonald's album at the time). And 8.5 Souvenirs had a succession of female vocalists, too...but their longest-term singer, most represented in the videos at hand, struck me more as pretty than quite as talented as the instrumentalists. Indeed, I do tend to dote on bands with at least some gender balance...