Sunday, April 1, 2012

Catching Up with: The Go! Team

Wikipedia notes, founded 2000, and currently comprised of:
Ian Parton: guitars, harmonica, piano, drums, triangle, glockenspiel.
Sam Dook: guitars, banjo, bass, drums, tambourine.
Chi Fukami Taylor: drums, percussion, vocals.
Kaori Tsuchida: vocals, electric guitar, keyboards, melodica, glockenspiel, recorder, tambourine, various instruments.
Jamie Bell: bass, piano, glockenspiel, feedback, synthesized hand claps.
Ninja (aka Nkechi Ka Egenamba): vocals, drums, tambourine, recorder.

I first became aware of the Go! Team from a performance on Later with Jools Holland, the British quasi-revival of Sunday Night/Night Music, which Holland had cohosted in its first season in the US. The Later performance was recorded in 2005, not long after the live band had coalesced (it started as a one-man tabletop project in 2000); I caught the repeat on US cable station Ovation perhaps as early as 2008. The band was good in 2005; they've gotten better. And they have no lack of ambition and energy.

Keys to the City:

Buy Nothing Day (with Bethany Consentino):

Doing It Right:

Milk Crisis:

Huddle Formation (with backup chanters) (recorded for radio station KCRW, LA-area NPR station, in a New York studio for transcontinental broadcast)(and this beginning track for perhaps another session for the radio show, "Grip Like a Vice," might be even better as an example of them in a "live for radio" situation) This, instead, is the album track of "Huddle Formation."

Secretary Song (with Satomi Matsuzaki):

Grip Like a Vice (with Lisa Lee & Sha Rock):

Rolling Blackouts (with Bethany Consentino and Angèle David-Guillou):

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