Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saturday Music Club: 3rd Stream: Russell; Blake/Lee; Tristano; Oregon; Air; Ellington/Roach/Mingus; Brubeck/Braxton/Konitz; Taylor/Braxton; 6/Orch USA

George Russell Smalltet including Bill Evans: Ye Hypocrite, Ye Beelzebub

George Russel Sextet with Sheila Jordan: You Are My Sunshine

Ran Blake and Jeanne Lee: Something's Coming

Ran Blake and Jeanne Lee: Laura

Lennie Tristano: Requiem

Lennie Tristano Sextet: Wow; Marionette

Oregon: Redial

Oregon: Dark Spirit

Air: Midnight Sun

Air: Paille Street

Ellington, Roach and Mingus: Money Jungle

Brubeck, Konitz, Braxton, Haynes and Six: All the Things You Are

Cecil Taylor/Anthony Braxton Quartet

Sextet of Orchestra USA (Lewis, Dolphy, Hall, Golson, Schuller, Duvivier): The Stranger

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