Thursday, August 30, 2012

August's Underappreciated Music: the links

Patti Abbott: Leonard Cohen: "A Thousand Kisses"

Sean Coleman: Stephen Stills: Illegal Stills

Bill Crider: Elizabeth Cotten: "Freight Train"

Jeff Gemmill: Susanna Hoffs: Someday [Hoffs interview]; Jessie Baylin; Jackson Brown in concert

Lee Hartsfeld: "Rock Around the Clock" covers and other Bill Haley imitations; 1914 polka by the Wiener Burgerkapelle

Jerry House: Big Bill Broonzy: Three Spirituals

George Kelley: the Jarrett/Garbarek/Danielsson/Christensen European Quartet: Sleeper: Tokyo, April 16, 1979 [webpage]

Todd Mason: Bernie Krause (before, during and after working with Paul Beaver); "Summertime" (apparently my favorite lullaby as an infant)

Lawrence Person: Abiku: “Bocciòlo”

Charlie Ricci: Larry Williams

Ron Scheer: Sons of the Pioneers: "Way Out There" (from just before the future "Roy Rogers" left the group); Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys: "Ida Red"

Prashant Trikannad: Owen Wister: Ten Thousand Cattle Straying (Dead Broke)


George said...

So you're doing Double Duty this week hosting Forgotten Music today and Forgotten Books tomorrow. You're a great host and I appreciate your hard work!

Todd Mason said...

Thanks, George, only it would've been "triple duty" including the A/V links on Tuesday...but, since the conference in New Orleans was cancelled, Patti is on hand to do the links tomorrow for FFB. I'm not sure it's Hard work...but I enjoy it.

neer said...

Hi Todd

Leaving the link for FFB. Marie Belloc Lowndes' The End of Her Honeymoon (1913).

Guess will have to leave a link at Patti's blog too.

Todd Mason said...

Thanks, Neer...that will speed the plow!

Sean said...

Thanks for linking my post!


Todd Mason said...

Thanks for continuing to do Monthly posts!

Prashant C. Trikannad said...

Todd, you are full of surprises! I appreciate the inclusion of the Owen Wister composition. I listen to a lot of music (unappreciated and forgotten as well) but I can't commit to doing a regular music post here owing to sheer lack of time. I mean, I spend four hours travelling to and from work in Bombay, which, in spite of its comparison to New York, is a hell of a place to live and work in. The city of teeming millions grows on you, though.

Todd Mason said...

Never fear, Prashant--if you choose to squeeze another commitment in, this one is a monthly meme. (I have a not so dissimilar commute, I fear, only I go through Philadelphia from an Eastern (New Jersey) suburb to a western (Pennsylvania) suburb of the city...on the one (1) true highway that allows for that trip, frequently clogged even at the best of times.

Of course, I could take public transport...but it costs Even More than driving (!) and takes longer. I can sleep or read on the trains, though, I suppose...when I get a seat...