Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday's "Forgotten" Books: The Links

Patti Abbott is recovering from la dolce vita up there yonder, so I'm hosting the links today, and Patti will have them for you again next Friday, barring the flood. And there might well be a few additions to the list here over the course of the day. Meanwhile, almost two citations of Red Scarf by Gil Brewer, two backhanded tributes to Michael Avallone, at least two werewolves, and two by "John Rhode" who was really John Street, though not the John Street who was the previous mayor of Philadelphia, just before the incumbent Michael Nutter, because Philly likes to have mayors whose names will amuse the English:

Sergio Angelini: The Long Wait by Mickey Spillane

Yvette Banek: Champagne for One by Rex Stout

Joe Barone: Ticked to Ride by Ed Gorman

Bob Briney: The Satan Sleuth #2: The Werewolf Walks Tonight by Michael Avallone

Bill Crider: Citizen in Space by Robert Sheckley

Scott Cupp: Mike Gonzo and the Sewer Monster by Bill Crider

William F. Deeck: Murder While You Wait by James Corbett

Michael Dirda: The Werewolf of Paris by Guy Endore

Martin Edwards: The Murders in Praed Street by John Rhode

Barry Ergang: The Red Scarf by Gil Brewer (see also: Steve Lewis, last week)

Curt Evans: The Bloody Tower (aka Tower of Evil) by John Rhode

Ed Gorman: The Money Trap by Lionel White

Jerry House: Tales for a Rainy Night edited by David Alexander

Allen J. Hubin: While the Cat's Away by Kinky Friedman

Randy Johnson: Double Share by Nathan Lowell

Nick Jones: Secret Ministry by Desmond Cory

George Kelley: The Hidden Hand by Carroll John Daly

Rob Kitchin: Day After Day by Carlo Lucarelli

Marvin Lachman: Mr. President, Private Eye edited by Martin H. Greenberg and Francis M. Nevins

B. V. Lawson: Death and the Sky Above by Paul Winterton

Evan Lewis: Black Wings Has My Angel by Elliott Chaze

Steve Lewis: Verdict in Blood by Gail Bowen

Neer: The Whispering House by Margaret Erskine

Francis M. Nevins: The Bowstring Murders by John Dickson Carr (as Carter Dickson)

John F. Norris: Stanley L. Wood, illustrator: Dr. Nikola by Guy Boothby; The Body Vanishes (aka Le crime de la maison Grün) by Jacquemard-Sénéca; The Craghold Creatures
by "Edwina Noone" (Michael Avallone)

Juri Nummelin: Deadline for a Dream by Bill Knox; Gideon's Risk by John Creasey (as J. J. Marric)

James Reasoner: Wild Wives by Charles Willeford

Karyn Reeves: Appleby Plays Chicken by Michael Innes

Gerard Saylor: Trackers by Deon Meyer

Ron Scheer: The Coyote Tracker by Larry Sweazy (and interview); Wolfville by Alfred Henry Lewis

Kerrie Smith: Against the Grain and A Roman Death by Joan O'Hagan

Kevin R. Tipple: Microchick: Erotic Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror by Michael Bracken

TomCat: Dead Men's Morris by Gladys Mitchell

Prashant Trikannad: A Prayer for the Dying by Jack Higgins

Frank/"Zybahn": Unthology No. 1 edited by Robin Jones and Ashley Stokes


Casual Debris said...

Hi Todd, I've got a contribution this week at Casual Debris.

Thanks, Frank

Todd Mason said...

Indeed...thank you, Frank.

Jerry House said...

Mine's up. David Alexander's anthology TALES FOR A RAINY NIGHT.

Todd Mason said...

Thanks, Jerry. In a rush, and Knew I was forgetting to check one of the regulars who didn't have something up last week...

J F Norris said...

Thanks, Todd, for linking to my piece on Stanley L. Wood, but the real FFB post for today is now up here.
The Body Vanishes (aka Le crime de la maison Grün) by Jacquemard-Sénécal

Juri said...

Just putting mine up, Todd.

Prashant C. Trikannad said...

Todd, I didn't know you were hosting FFB this week too. Thanks very much for including my post.

Sergio (Tipping My Fedora) said...

Thanks for the inclusion Todd - I just realised that Patti wasn't hosting this week and I have updated the post accordingly. Max Allan Collins just got in touch which was very, very nice of him.

Todd Mason said...

Thank you, folks, and no need to thank me. Glad to have your contributions!