Saturday, August 25, 2012

Saturday Music Club: Bernie Krause, from the Weavers and session work through Avant Garde/Pop Electronica & New Age Music to Natural Soundscapes...

Bernie Krause, a Detroit-based musical prodigy, apparently found that he was not allowed to attend conservatories in 1955 with a primary instrument of guitar, and so played session work for local jazz recordings and reportedly for some early Motown recordings and matriculated to the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. Somehow he was tapped to be the third (and final) replacement for Pete Seeger in pop-folk megastar band The Weavers (after Erik Darling and Frank Hamilton had filled the Seeger hole); his most important recording with the band was on the 1963 15th anniversary reunion concert album, which featured a seven-member Weavers, with the retiring Hamilton and incoming Krause also joined by Seeger and Darling, and the constant trio of Lee Hays, (Ms.) Ronnie Gilbert and Fred Hellerman. However, the Weavers decided to call it a day in 1964, which both required and allowed Krause to begin to explore new professional pathways, including studying classical composition with avant garde composers such as Pauline Oliveros and Karlheinz Stockhausen at Mills College. Robert Moog and his new instrument were also in was Krause's soon to be longterm bandmate Paul Beaver...

The Weavers (including new recruit Bernie Krause): Sinner Man

Bernie Krause on how he learned to use a Moog synthesizer:

The Monkees (with Bernie Krause and Paul Beaver performing on Moog synthesizer): Star Collector:

--Beaver solo apparently played on this track for the Byrds, "Space Oddyssey":

Paul Beaver and Bernard Krause: Sequential Voltage Sources, Composition

Beaver & Krause: Short Film for David

Beaver & Krause: Fountains of the Department of Water and Power

George Harrison and Bernie Krause: No Time or Space (at 18:42)

Beaver & Krause, with Gerry Mulligan: By Your Grace

Beaver & Krause, soundtrack music (in part) for My World, and Welcome to It

(for the first part of a complete episode:)

Beaver & Krause, soundtrack music for The Final Programme (aka The Last Days of Man on Earth), based on a Jerry Cornelius novel by Michael Moorcock

Beaver & Krause: Walking Green Algae Blues

Bernie Krause & Andy Nerell: Flight To Urubamba

George Martin interviews Bernie Krause for Martin's BBC documentary Rhythms of Life

Bernie Krause: Do Animals Grieve for the Dead?

Dr. Bernie Krause: The Great Animal Orchestra

Dr. Bernie Krause: The Great Animal Orchestra from California Academy of Sciences and California Academy of Sciences on

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