Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday Music Club: "Summertime"

The Zombies

Lambert, Hendricks & Ross

Berklee School Vintage Vocals Ensemble (after L, H, & R)

The Gil Evans Orchestra featuring Miles Davis

Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong

Ella Fitzgerald

Billie Holiday (and forgiving the photo of Diana Ross in the array)

Sarah Vaughan

Loulie Jean Norman (dubbing for Diahann Carroll) 

Audra McDonald

Leontyne Price

Kathleen Battle 

Renee Fleming

Amina Sewali

Norah Jones and Marian McPartland

Charlie Parker

The John Coltrane Quartet

Billy Stewart

Big Brother and the Holding Company


Patrick Murtha said...

You forgot Sublime! This is quite wonderful:

Todd Mason said...

I had heard of it...and it's not too shabby (thanks for getting me to listen to it closely)...but there are So many good and interesting versions of the song that this could be a daily feature for a year.

Anonymous said...

Of those all, I'll take the Miles. Of course.

Todd Mason said...

Gil Evans sure knew how to put together a project.

If I had to pick a favorite among these, it'd be Real close, but I might give a nod to the Fitzgerald and Armstrong. And, of course, the Lambert, Hendricks and Ross recording was their adaptation of the Evans/Davis, and the Berklee Students slightly rearrange the L, H & R....