Saturday, April 13, 2013

Saturday Music Club: Five Guys Named Bill Evans...and everyone digs Bill Evanses...

1. The George Russell Smalltet featuring pianist Bill Evans: "Concerto for Billy the Kid"

The Bill Evans Trio, 1965, on the BBC series Jazz 625

2. Yusef Lateef (previously William "Bill" Evans): "The Golden Flute"

The Yusef Lateef Quartet: "In the Evening"

Yusef Lateef: "Eboness"

3. Bill Evans, electric bassist: "Agua"

4. Bill Evans, saxophonist: "Watcher"

Bill Evans Soulgrass: "Dragonfly"

5. Bill Evans, banjoist (and akontingist!): "Si Jan Jan Si Jamboukan" & "Alinaume"

Bill Evans and Megan Lynch and Co.: "The Distance Between Two Points"


Rick Robinson said...

I'll bet you can guess which one I prefer.

Todd Mason said...

I can guess, but I'd suggest that Lateef is not to be sneezed at...and while the bassist and the saxophonist who didn't change their names aren't quite as engaging to me, I'm going to look in on more of the banjoist's work (and do find the attempt by the saxophonist to develop fresh approaches to bluegrass-jazz fusion a worthwhile aspiration).