Monday, April 8, 2013

tv notes: REMEMBERING ROGER EBERT tomorrow night on World Channel (PBS-affiliated network); JAKE SHIMABUKURO: LIFE ON FOUR STRINGS May 10 on PBS

from the World Channel today: 

WTTW in Chicago was kind enough to offer WORLD a broadcast window for its locally-produced tribute to film critic Roger Ebert, who died last Thursday.  We're pleased to be able to present this timely program to a wider audience on WORLD.

CHICAGO TONIGHT: REMEMBERING ROGER EBERT will air tomorrow, 04/09 at 20:00 (8pm) EST and 25:00 EST (aka 04/10 @ 1:00 am EST), replacing BONSAI PEOPLE – THE VISION OF MUHAMMAD YUNUS. Please see airdates and localization points below.

PBS, for it's part, wishes to supplement my all-woman uke presentation this past week by offering an hour with Jake Shimabukuro on May 10th. (I tweeted the Women with Ukuleles post with the line: "Some Women with Ukuleles: It's Saturday Music Clubtown, Jake..." A joke with relevance here that perhaps five people read and maybe all five got!)

"Follow ukulele virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro over the course of a musical season. Enjoy dynamic performances before sold-out crowds, intimate moments of life on the road and visits to Shimabukuro’s native Hawai’i, where he has risen from local hero to international star."


George said...

I'll be watching that Roger Ebert tribute. I miss Roger already...

Todd Mason said...

So...any good?