Monday, April 8, 2013

Five Years of Friday's Forgotten Books: from early on...(and some more)

The last non-virtual O. Henry Prize volume...
probably ever...?
Patti Abbott has been hosting Friday's Forgotten Books for five years now...and this week is continuing to feature past reviews from some of her guest reviewers...I thought I'd take a look at some of my less-circulated reviews, from the early years...I didn't expect to find quite so many...

Some early FFB lists:
June 20th, 2008
July 2, 2010
November 5th, 2010  and in slightly differing form
July 8, 2011

and some of my reviews that often have inspired very interesting comments, but were seen by relatively few beyond the commenters...

Robert Bloch: Pleasant Dreams and Blood Runs Cold

Jorge Luis Borges: The Aleph and Other Stories, 1933-1969

Reginald Bretnor, editor: The Craft of Science Fiction

Herschel Brickell, editor: Prize Stories 1949: The O. Henry Awards.
Barry Malzberg wrote me this morning, to note that the formerly February-issued volume of the O. Henry Awards will be delayed till September and issued only as an Ebook this year...he predicts the series will be gone before it makes it to a centennial volume in 2019.

Michael Chabon: The Final Solution

Les Daniels: Living in Fear: A History of Horror in the Mass Media

Thomas Dardis, editor: Beyond 

Erica Jong: Seducing the Demon
from The Explainers

Jules Feiffer: The Explainers

Walt Kelly: Impollutable Pogo

Laura Kightlinger: Quick Shots of False Hope

Damon Knight: The Futurians; A for Anything; The Dark Side (editor);  In Deep

William Kotzwinkle: The Exile

Tom Kromer: Waiting for Nothing

Leo Margulies, editor (possibly): The Unexpected [stories from Dorothy McIlwraith's issues of Weird Tales]

Betty M. Owen, editor: Nine Strange Stories

Jayne Anne Phillips: Fast Lanes

Katha Pollitt: Learning to Drive 

Margaret St. Clair: Sign of the Labrys and its packaging... 

Theodore Sturgeon: Argyll
sadly more relevant given the recent death of editor/publisher Paul Williams  

Theodore Sturgeon (with Don Ward): Sturgeon's West

James Thurber: The Years with Ross

various editors: Anthologies from Amazing

various editors: 10 influential magazines

various editors: The Masses: Echoes of Revolt and The Smart Set

various editors: some fiction magazines (non-virtual/web)

Edward Wellen: Goldbrick

Kate Wilhelm: Welcome, Chaos; Death Qualified

for young readers week: Eleanor Clymer: My Brother Stevie; Robert Silverberg, editor: Voyagers in Time; Robert Arthur, editor: Alfred Hitchcock's Monster Museumpoetry anthologies

adding in some music and such:

Len Lyons: 101 Best Jazz Albums and Alex Cox: Total Television; The Zombies: Zombie Heaven and Fairport Convention; White Teeth (the tv adaptation) and Community 
(well, the Zombies item has a booklet and the Zadie Smith adaptation has literary roots...)

first all-music post
and a bonus:
Lawrence Block on Donald Westlake
Barry Malzberg on his own work

Janet Fox: 1940-2009 
Algis Budrys: 1931-2008 


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