Saturday, April 20, 2013

Saturday Music Club: some jazz vocalists

Urszula Dudziak: At the first Thelonious Monk Memorial Concert, at Constitution Hall, 1986: Improvisation on 'Round Midnight (I was present, and met and spoke with Dudziak, and David Amram, Gerry Mulligan and Wynton Marsalis, afterward at the reception.)

Urszula Dudziak & Walk Away: Rosemary's Baby Theme 
Urszula Dudziak: Ulice wielkich miast ("The Streets of Big Cities")

René Marie: Stronger Than You Think You Are

René Marie: This is (Not) a Protest Song

Jasmin Tabatabai and the David Klein Quartet: Another Sad Song (jazz interpretation)

Jasmin Tabatabai: Another Sad Song (folkie/Bandits soundtrack version)

Luciana Souza: Sonnet 49 (by Pablo Neruda)

Luciana Souza & Trio: Pra Que Discutir Com Madame 

Kate McGarry Trio: Chelsea Morning/Not So Far/Let's Face the Music and Dance

Kate McGarry: Just What I Needed

Monday Michiru Band (aka Michiru Mariano...because we Italo-Americans have to stick together...and Toshiko Akiyoshi's daughter): You Make Me

Monday Michiru: The Sands of Time

Dee Alexander and Evolution Ensemble: Truth

Dee Alexander with Steve Simon and the Jazz Islanders: Summertime


pattinase (abbott) said...

The human voice has great capabilities. Remember Yma Sumak.

Todd Mason said...

I do. It's a pity only some of Yma Sumac's work is worth digging out, given her talent (and that of such followers of hers, at least in a sense, as Diamanda Galas). But, as with Elvis Presley and Whitney Houston, great talent doesn't ensure great taste in selecting work to record...