Wednesday, June 29, 2011

2 by Jawbox...

What amounted to their "last single"...originally released on the odds and ends collection My Scrapbook of Fatal Accidents:

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...and what amounted to their first, also collected on that album, but first offered on a MaximumRockNRoll compilation, They Don't Get Paid, They Don't Get Laid, But Boy Do They Work Hard:

And since "Bullet Park" is named for a John Cheever novel but is not based on it (unlike Jawbox's "Motorist," which is based on J. G. Ballard's Crash), the Bangles' "Dover Beach," also not based on the Matthew Arnold poem, but the title stuck with them:


pattinase (abbott) said...

Oh, gosh the Bangles and they look so eighties.

Todd Mason said...

Yes, that picture dates from after they started dressing the part, for the second CBS album (the one with the first big chart hits). Their hair was a bit less stereotypical in the earlier years, certainly.