Thursday, June 2, 2011


Podcasts are really digging in this summer...Jackie Kashian's The Dork Forest has been doing even better (and deeply autobiographical) episodes of late (whether dealing with high-school violence or Kashian's recent tour of military bases in the Arab world), and Iris Bahr was the guest on today's WTF with Marc Maron, and I enjoyed that a lot, and so sought this below out, which I enjoyed just about as well...and having seen few scraps of her running character for an HD Net sketch comedy series, Svetlana, I'll be trying to catch that, as well, as I finally have regular access to a cable system which offers HD Net (even if they think they don't have to carry the local clearance of MHz WorldView, something I'm about to take up with them).

As with the HD Net show, Bahr plays several characters here, including a BBC TV documentarian and a relatively hapless young woman on a J-Date marriage tour, as they make their way through Israel:

The Unchosen Ones by Iris Bahr from Guy Ross on Vimeo.

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