Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday's "Forgotten" Books: including some more late links

As Patti Abbott is traveling on business, I volunteered to assemble the FFB links for this week. She'll be back to it next week, if the crick don't top the levee.

Yvette Banek: In Defense of Love by Kathleen Creighton

Paul Bishop: The Long Count by Ron Faust

Bill Crider: Galaxy: 30 Years of Innovative Science Fiction (volume 2/mass-market paperback edition) edited by Frederik Pohl, Martin H. Greenberg, and Joseph D. Olander

Scott Cupp: The Owl Service by Alan Garner

Martin Edwards: The Telephone Call by John Rhode

Curt Evans: Rear Window and Other Stories (Ballantine/Penguin version) by Cornell Woolrich

"Jack Giles" (Ray): The Dolly Dolly Spy by Adam Diment

Jerry House: Beyond the Vanishing Point by Ray Cummings

Randy Johnson: The Man from U.N.C.L.E. 2: The Doomsday Affair by Harry Whittington

George Kelley: The Fox Valley Murders by John Holbrook Vance (aka Jack Vance)

BV Lawson: Under the Snow by Kerstin Lillemor Ekman (translated by Joan Tate)

Evan Lewis: Up Jumped the Devil (aka Murder All Over) by Cleve F. Adams

Steve Lewis: Hunter in the Dark by Estelle Thompson

John F. Norris: The Horizontal Man by Helen Eustis

Juri Nummelin: The Sucker Punch by James Hadley Chase ***the Finnish edition has a subtly yet possibly NSFW cover...

Richard Pangburn: As Hot as It Was You Ought to Thank Me by Nanci Kincaid

Ron Scheer: Harper's Book of Facts (1895 edition)

Mike Slind: March Violets by Philip Kerr

James Reasoner: The Plot Against Earth by Robert Silverberg (as Calvin M. Knox)

Richard Robinson: The House on the Point by Benjamin Hoff

Dan Stumpf: Seven Footprints to Satan by A. Merritt

If I've missed your or someone else's FFB today, please let me know! Thanks.


J F Norris said...

Here's mine:

Thanks for doing this once again, Todd.

Todd Mason said...

No problem, John...though I had yours, it just hadn't been added and link-checked yet...thanks.

Yvette said...

Todd, I've just posted my Friday Forgotten Post on the blog. :)

Yvette said...

And of course, I should have added: Thanks, Todd.

Todd Mason said...

No, don't be silly. Thank you.

Ray said...

The Dolly Dolly Spy at

Todd Mason said...

Thanks, Ray.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for doing this, Todd. I found out just how much work it is when I subbed for Patti a month or more ago.

Wow, is Roy ever hittin' those high notes!

Todd Mason said...

Roy or Maynard, Rick? Thanks for the benisons!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Maynard. As I said, tough morning.

Juri said...

Todd, I added a link to an earlier post of mine. At Pulpetti, that is.

George said...

I know you and Rick and Patti's other substitutes know how much work is involved in "hosting" FORGOTTEN BOOK FRIDAY. And, we should all thank Patti for doing it week in and week out.

Todd Mason said...

AOL that, George. It can be a little trying, particularly when Blogspot acts up (my home Firefox has a bug that slows up the process a little).

I look forward to the week where I do Films/AV, Music and FFB all in a row. Blog machismo.

Juri...sorry I didn't check previously. Getting that now.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Such a lovely job...thanks.
Rambling Rose this Tuesday.

Todd Mason said...

Thank you! Hope the the trip was both productive and at least a bit of fun.