Sunday, August 26, 2012

Another 10 actors, a Canadian set

Molly Parker
Lexa Doig
Janet Kidder
Anne Bedian
Neve Campbell
the Tillys
the Hennessys
Ingrid Haas
Jessica Paré
Rachel McAdams

(...and among their predecessors:
Margot Kidder
Catherine O'Hara
Geneviève Bujold)


pattinase (abbott) said...

Quite a gorgeous group. Richard Wheeler is quite good friends with Margot Kidder.

Todd Mason said...

Good taste will out! (Kidder-Wheeler, I mean. But, yes, as with previous groups of ten, I gather some good images of artists who are both talented and striking.)

Yvette said...

43I don't know some of these, but the ones I do are terrific. Hooray for Canada. I always thought Genevieve Bujold was French. I sit corrected.

Margot Kidder will always be Lois Lane to me. :)

Todd Mason said...

Happily for me, I was aware of elder Kidder long before SUPERMAN, a series of films I was never that crazy about...I probably first saw her in NICHOLS when I was very young.

A few of these women are still "emerging" and Lexa Doig has mostly done culty sf television (and most of her photos online are either Heavily made up or working the sexpot thing Hard...I'm certainly not against the latter, but that's not what I'm looking for for these posts, such as they are.) And some other Canadians have appeared in the previous posts...but it occurred to me that there were a slew of Canadians whose work I liked A Lot, and some of them were also extremely photogenic. (Since they were all from one country, I also relaxed my "age restriction" of within a decade in either direction of me.)

Prashant C. Trikannad said...

Todd, I was wondering why Janet Kidder looked like Margot Kidder till I found she was her niece. You could, perhaps, expand the set by adding Stana Katic.

Todd Mason said...

When I first saw the younger Kidder, probably in the series MADE IN CANADA (shown in the US as THE INDUSTRY), I guessed she was likely Margot's daughter, they looked so similar.

Stana Katic is pretty, indeed, but I haven't yet seen her in much (I haven't ever watched CASTLE for more than a few minutes, for example) and that's one of the trivial requirements for these galleries...essentially, that the folks in question have impressed me as well as caught my eye.

Jeff Segal said...

No Sarah Polley?

Todd Mason said...

A fair question!