Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saturday Music Club: DOWNBEATing, JAZZTIMESing

Some artists I was reminded of or introduced to by the June issues of DownBeat and JazzTimes

Melissa Stylianou:

"I Still Miss Someone" (with Amy Cervini)

Melody Gardot:
"Worrisome Heart"

"Love Me Like a River Does"

Linda Oh:
"Blame It on My Youth"/interview

"Deeper than Happy"

Kat Edmonson:
"Be the Change"

"Feelin' Good/Summertime"

Lisa Mills:
"Way Down South"

"Little Wing"

Nellie McKay:
"If I Had You"

"It's a Pose"
(Though it isn't quite true that all the wars and all the rapes are the function of men, alone or otherwise...just way too large a proportion of them. That women can claim a small share of that dishonor might leave us all wondering how we might discourage it all...)

West Valley College Jazz Choir:

Anna Clyne:
explicating "Night Ferry"

Pannonia Quartet performs "Primula Vulgaris"

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