Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday Music Club: some more sounds of DC

Link Wray: Rawhide

Patsy Cline: Seven Lonely Days

Tom Paxton: Buy a Gun for Your Son

Charlie Rouse Quartet: You Don't Know What Love Is

Experience Unlimited: Peace Gone Away

The Muffins: Military Road

Root Boy Slim: World War III

Trouble Funk: Say What

Half Japanese: Trouble in the Water

Dag Nasty: La Penita

Holy Rollers: What You Said

Gray Matter: Walk the Line

Velocity Girl: Crazy Town

Bikini Kill: Speed Heart

Shelter: Turn It Around

Burning Airlines: Carnival

The Hard Travelers: High Gear

Deanna Bogart Band: Baby, You Got What It Takes

Smart Went Crazy: Sugar in Your Gas Tank

Jeff Bagato and Dave Vosh: untitled, at Electric Possible

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